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About Us – Spicy Vacations

About Us


We’re Matt and Bianca. We are the owners/publishers/webmasters/lackies of this website.

To be clear, Spicy Vacations is NOT a travel agency. We are avid lifestyle vacationers that want to share our love of travel with you. We are not hired by any individual travel agency, we list ALL lifestyle vacations from all different companies. We do ask that if you are planning on going on a swinger vacation, that you click a link from our website as any commissions that are paid will continue to make all of our websites free.

In case, you’re not familiar with us, here our some of our YouTube videos. We also host a podcast on swinging. We own the websites, Everybody Swing (our lifestyle magazine), Spicy Vacations (our swinger travel company) and some others that will be forthcoming. We’re also in the upcoming film “Vanilla Swing” and we are the moderators of the Reddit group for swingers.

We have been together since 1995. We are a happily married, professional couple. We are are proud to be swingers and have no problems letting the world know who we are. Our goal with all that we do is to help new (and potential) swingers learn as much as information as they can, while at the same time, entertaining people that have been in the lifestyle for years. Someday, we’d love the United States to be a place where most swingers don’t have to hide their identity from the vanilla world around them. We consider the lifestyle today to be akin to what homosexuality was decades ago, there were tons of them out there but they were afraid to come out of the closet.

We are open books. If you have any questions about us, the lifestyle, a problem you might be facing, anything, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help. Of course, anonymity is assured.

If you see us at a club, house party, lifestyle cruise, resort, or even walking down the street, come say hi!

We also love to review clubs, resorts and events. If you have something, you’d like us to review or promote and get you some buzz, let us know.

If you’re in the press, we are open to interviews for films, tv shows, radio broadcasts, print, etc. Just contact us.

Thanks so much and we can’t wait to hear from you!