Everybody Swing at Hedo









Our favorite event of the year

Everybody Swing in conjunction with Tom's Trips and r/Swingers invites you to join us at our favorite lifestyle event of the year.

Join Matt & Bianca from Everybody Swing as hundreds of swingers from all over the world descend on Hedonism to watch women from lifestyle clubs all over the United States compete for Ms No Swimsuit 2019.

Everyone who books through this link gets to be a judge for the contest. Please be aware, the women may try to bribe you for your vote...any way they can.

Rooms starting at only


  • Rates Are Per Person Per Night based on double occupancy. Single rooms are available at 150% of the per person rate. Must book a minimum of five nights to get the group rate.
Whether you like dressing like a sexy schoolgirl or wearing a classic toga, there's a fun night for you. Feel free to dress up or not, it's your vacation!

Sexy Schoolgirl
Fetish Night
Jamaica Night
Toga Night
Glow Party
Hedonism II is an all-inclusive resort. That means all-you can-eat food, drinks, top shelf liquor and more.

Plus tipping is strictly forbidden.
Whether you're brand new to The Lifestyle or having been swinging for years, Hedonism II is the place to let your inhibitions down. Be aware: you will see many forms of public displays of affection.

And of course, at night, the playroom is open...
Book from the link on this page and you'll get an exclusive invitation to a private party that Matt & Bianca will be hosting at the event.


1Do you have to be a swinger to go?
No, of course not. Many people come to Hedonism to have a sexy time without being sexy with others. Or even just the fact that yo can enjoy being nude at the beach is reason enough to go. No one will ever pressure you to do anything you don't want to.
2Can singles join in the fun?
Of course. Do keep in mind that pricing is double occupancy. So if you're going alone, you will pay 150% of the single rate. Even better if you can find a room mate and share the costs.
3What's the dress code?
On the Prude Size of the resort, you can wear whatever you'd like. On the nude side, you guessed it: Nude! This is strictly enforced by the hotel.

For meals in the main dining area, you need to be covered.

Other than that, its up to you. Some people dress to the nines for dinner or in that night's theme, others wear shorts and t-shirts, even others stay on the nude side their entire vacation and never wear a thing!
We can't wait to go back to Hedo in 2019. This is our favorite resort and our absolutely best-loved group. We'd love it if you'd join us for this crazy week filled with sexy fun and naughty debauchery. We can't wait to meet you there!

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Alright! You've learned all about this event and you want to join in the fun? Just remember you need to click this button to go to the event page to book. Otherwise, you won't get an invitation to the exclusive party that Matt & Bianca will be hosting at the event.