Desire Athens-Rome Cruise | Sept 27-Oct 4, 2025

Discover Athens & Rome
5025$ per person
7 Nights
More than 1

Athens & Rome Luxury Cruise

Let Your Inhibitions Sail Away and Embrace the Sensual Freedom of Clothing-Optional Cruising on the Desire Athens-Rome Cruise 2025.
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Indulge in a seductive escape where elegance seamlessly intertwines with allure, promising a journey that's a masterpiece of design and luxury. Unleash your passions on a 7-night cruise through the captivating cities of Athens and Rome on this clothing optional, couples-only cruise!

What's included

Argostoli , Athens , Italy , Naples , Santorini , Sicily Discover Destinations
Departure Location
Athens (Piraeus), Greece
Return Location
Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
Tour Start Date & Time
September 27, 2025 4:00 pm
Price includes
  • Adults 21 or older only which means...NO kids allowed!
  • All meals included
  • Evening entertainment and late night dance parties in various venues.
  • Multiple play areas to meet your level of comfort and interest.
  • Open decks and pool areas are clothing optional.
  • Playrooms
  • Premium beverage package
  • Room Service
  • Seminars that educate and allow you to explore new areas of the lifestyle.
Price does not include
  • Land Excursions
  • Trip Insurance

Desire Cruise 2025

Embark on a tantalizing journey to Athens and Rome aboard this luxurious clothing-optional cruise

Embark on an extraordinary voyage like no other with the Desire Rome-Barcelona Cruise

Embark on the Desire Athens–Rome Cruise, promising to ignite your senses as you step aboard the elegant Oceania Marina Ship. This cruise is meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled journey, fusing intimacy and adventure harmoniously. Indulge in the epitome of luxury, where every moment becomes a canvas for your wildest fantasies to come to life.

As we sail the azure waters, you’ll encounter breathtaking destinations: from Athens’ ancient allure and Santorini’s romantic vistas to the captivating charms of Souda, Argostoli and the enchanting Sicilian city of Messina. Uncover the secrets of Naples before culminating your journey in Rome, the eternal City.

Your Ultimate Couples-Only Vacation

Engage in couples’ workshops, themed pool parties, and immerse yourself in passionate theme nights. As stars emerge, the ship transforms into a realm of erotic enchantment. Our alluring playroom, provocative shows, and international DJs promise nights of unrestrained revelry.

Every moment on the Desire Athens-Rome Cruise 2025 tantalizes your senses, awakens your desires, and pushes pleasure´s boundaries. From sun-soaked days exploring enchanting ports to moonlit nights of uninhibited indulgence, this journey celebrates all things sensual and seductive.

Embark on a journey where Desire knows no bounds. Join us for the Desire Athens-Rome Cruise 2025 and turn fantasies into reality.

Step aboard the Oceania Cruises’ Marina – a vessel of opulence and elegance. This luxurious ship sets the stage for an intimate couples’ retreat like no other.

Elevate your senses with an array of meticulously crafted culinary experiences that invite you to embark on a journey of taste. Gourmet dining takes center stage as you explore three fine dining restaurants, two casual venues, a charming café, and the convenience of round-the-clock room service. Complement your experience with the Prestige beverage package, heightening every facet of your journey.

There is no better way to explore Athens & Rome than with your new found friends! Rooms are selling out, so reserve yours today!

Or if you’d prefer a milder cruise, check out the Temptation cruise here.

  • Saturday September 27, 2025
  • Sunday September 28, 2025
  • Monday September 29, 2025
  • Tuesday September 30, 2025
  • Wednesday October 1, 2025
  • Thursday October 2, 2025
  • Friday October 3, 2025
  • Saturday October 4, 2025
Saturday September 27, 2025

Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Your Desire cruise begins in the beautiful city of Athens, Greece.

Arrive a few days early and immerse yourself in ancient wonders. Wander the historic streets of Plaka, savoring local delicacies at quaint tavernas. Discover the iconic Acropolis and its Parthenon, a testament to Greece’s rich heritage. Marvel at the breathtaking views from Lycabettus Hill, capturing the essence of this vibrant city. Athens, a treasure trove of culture, history, and Mediterranean charm, promises a day of unforgettable exploration.


Sunday September 28, 2025

Santorini, Greece

Your journey continues as the Desire Athens Rome Cruise docks in enchanting Santorini, Greece. In just a few hours, soak in the mesmerizing beauty of this Aegean gem. Stroll along the charming streets of Oia, known for its iconic sunset views and quaint boutiques. Explore Fira, the island’s vibrant capital, perched high on dramatic cliffs. Don’t miss the chance to savor local cuisine at a seaside taverna. Santorini’s stunning landscapes and unique architecture promise an unforgettable glimpse into Greek paradise, even during a brief visit.

Monday September 29, 2025

Souda (Crete), Greece

In this fleeting visit, uncover the essence of Souda and Crete’s beauty. Wander the Venetian Harbor, where history whispers through cobblestone streets and charming waterfront cafes. Explore the vibrant Old Town, a maze of alleys brimming with local crafts and flavors. For a dose of culture, visit the Archaeological Museum. In just hours, you’ll be captivated by Chania’s rich heritage and coastal splendor, making every moment ashore unforgettable.

Tuesday September 30, 2025

Argostoli, Greece

Prepare to be charmed by Argostoli, Greece, during your brief visit on this unforgettable journey. Nestled on the island of Kefalonia, Argostoli offers a taste of Ionian magic. In just hours, explore the picturesque waterfront promenade, where cafes and boutiques beckon. Don’t miss the chance to witness the rare loggerhead turtles at Koutavos Lagoon. Discover the intriguing Cave of Melissani, an underground marvel with crystal-clear waters. Argostoli’s natural beauty and warm hospitality will leave you yearning for more, even with limited time ashore.

Wednesday October 1, 2025

Day at Sea

Savor the pleasures of a deeply enjoyable day at sea, from the break of dawn to the fading twilight. Embrace the clothing-optional dream with an array of additional activities and events, including a captivating, themed pool party designed to ignite your passions. As night falls, our theme nights come to life, inviting you to embrace desire until the first light of dawn.

Thursday October 2, 2025

Messina (Sicily), Italy

Nestled on the northeastern coast of Sicily, Messina welcomes you with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and delectable cuisine. Stroll through cobblestone streets, where charming architecture and vibrant local life intersect, creating an enchanting atmosphere that’s hard to resist. Messina is a culinary haven where every meal is an opportunity to savor authentic Italian flavors.

Friday October 3, 2025

Naples, Italy

Naples, a city steeped in history and culture, invites you to explore its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Meanwhile, the enchanting island of Capri beckons with its crystal-clear waters and upscale boutiques. Savor the flavors of Neapolitan pizza and bask in the Mediterranean sun as you discover the beauty and allure of these Italian gems.

Saturday October 4, 2025

Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

As your Desire Cruise adventure comes to an end and the ship docks in Rome, Italy, it's not goodbye, but rather, see you soon! Reflect on the unforgettable memories and new friendships created during your voyage.

As you disembark, let the excitement for your next journey begin! Start planning your next unforgettable getaway with Spicy Vacations, where luxury meets adventure. Book your next cruise today and keep the excitement alive!

Add on a few extra days to your vacation and explore this iconic city, a living testament to the majesty of human history, where ancient wonders like the Colosseum and the Vatican City beckon with their awe-inspiring presence. Roam the enchanting streets, savoring authentic Italian cuisine in cozy trattorias, and immerse yourself in the art, culture, and architecture of a city that has stood the test of time. Rome, the eternal masterpiece, awaits your exploration.

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Desire Athens-Rome Cruise | Sept 27-Oct 4, 2025

5025$ per person
7 Nights
More than 1

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