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The Virgin Voyages Beautiful Ship The Scarlet Lady lit up at Sunset

Think delectable cuisine curated by world-renowned chefs, not buffets. Immerse yourself in wellness experiences that go beyond a spa, with fitness classes tailored to every interest. Unleash your inner rockstar at onboard entertainment unlike any at sea. And when it’s time to unwind, luxuriate in adult-only spaces designed for pure relaxation. This is more than a vacation, it’s a voyage of rediscovery. Book now and experience the Virgin Voyages difference:

Adults-only adventures: Escape the chaos and reconnect with yourself or your partner in a sophisticated, grown-up atmosphere.

Unrivaled luxury: From exquisitely designed cabins to world-class service, every detail is meticulously curated for your comfort.

Foodie paradise: Savor epicurean delights from renowned chefs, with a focus on fresh, global flavors.

Wellness redefined: Discover transformative fitness experiences, rejuvenating spa treatments, and spaces designed for pure serenity.

Entertainment that thrills: Immerse yourself in electrifying live shows, captivating performances, and onboard activities that defy expectations.

Set sail with Virgin Voyages and discover a world of adult-only luxury, unforgettable experiences, and a voyage that ignites your soul.

Forget the shuffleboard and buffets of traditional cruises. Virgin Voyages offers an adult-only escape packed with activities that cater to your every whim. Here’s a taste of what awaits you onboard:

Thrill to one-of-a-kind entertainment: Be dazzled by original productions, immersive themed nights like the fiery “Scarlet Night,” or test your vocal cords at karaoke.

Indulge your inner foodie: Ditch the mass-produced meals. Virgin Voyages boasts restaurants helmed by celebrated chefs, serving up everything from global flavors to delectable plant-based options.

Become a wellness warrior: Take your fitness game to the next level with group cycling classes, state-of-the-art equipment, or invigorating yoga sessions led by expert instructors. Relax and recharge with a rejuvenating spa treatment or unwind in serene adult-only spaces.

Spark your curiosity: Learn a new skill with mixology classes, brush up your poker face in tournaments, or expand your knowledge with lectures and workshops on a variety of topics.

Channel your inner child (or not): Let loose at poolside games, test your luck at the casino with classic and modern games, or simply soak up the sun on a luxurious adult-only deck.
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Virgin Voyages boasts a fleet of stunning ships designed for the ultimate adult escape. Imagine a luxurious yacht meets cutting-edge design, all catering to an adults-only clientele. Here’s what sets their ships apart:

Sophisticated Design: Think sleek exteriors and stylish, contemporary interiors that are a far cry from traditional cruise ship decor.

Adult-Only Sanctuary: Escape the noise and create unforgettable memories in a child-free environment.

Crafted for Comfort: Indulge in a variety of exquisitely designed cabins and suites, many featuring private balconies and ocean views, perfect for relaxation and admiring the scenery.

Culinary Delights: The ships are not just vessels, they’re floating foodie paradises. Expect a variety of exceptional restaurants helmed by renowned chefs, offering everything from delectable global cuisine to creative plant-based options.

Wellness Redefined:These ships are havens for wellness enthusiasts. Think state-of-the-art fitness centers with every imaginable machine, stunning yoga studios for open-air workouts, and serene spas offering a variety of treatments to pamper yourself.

Entertainment for Grown-Ups: Forget bingo and cheesy shows. Virgin Voyages offers electrifying live productions, captivating themed nights, poolside entertainment, and even karaoke bars to unleash your inner rockstar.

Spaces for Every Mood: The ships feature a wide range of adult-only areas, from sun-soaked decks with plush loungers to chic bars and lounges for socializing. There are also hidden nooks and private corners for quiet time and reflection.

Sustainable Luxury: Virgin Voyages is committed to creating a positive impact. The ships are built with sustainability in mind, and they offer plenty of eco-conscious practices onboard.

Virgin Voyages isn’t just about the journey, it’s about your home away from home at sea. Here’s what awaits you when you step inside your cabin:

A World Away from Ordinary Rooms: Ditch the cramped quarters and sterile feel of traditional cruise cabins. Virgin Voyages offers a variety of stylish and cleverly designed sanctuaries called “Sea Terraces,” “Insider cabins,” and luxurious “RockStar Quarters” (suites).

Tailored for Your Needs: Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with a group, there’s a perfect cabin for you. Choose from cozy Solo Insiders for the independent traveler, cleverly designed Social Insiders with configurations that maximize space for groups, or lavish Sea Terraces with private balconies for that quintessential ocean-air experience.

Luxury at Every Turn: No matter the category you choose, expect Virgin’s signature style with sleek finishes, comfortable furnishings, and ample storage. Many cabins boast plush king-size beds, rainfall showers, and in-room entertainment systems to keep you connected and relaxed.

The Balcony Advantage (Sea Terraces): Opt for a Sea Terrace and step out onto your own private balcony, perfect for breathing in the fresh sea air, enjoying a morning coffee with a view, or witnessing a breathtaking sunset. Some even feature hammocks strung across the balcony, adding a touch of whimsical luxury.

RockStar Quarters: A Cut Above: If you crave the ultimate indulgence, set your sights on a RockStar Quarter. These lavish suites are designed by the renowned Tom Dixon and boast features like expansive living areas, massive bathrooms with peek-a-boo showers and even outdoor showers, and some even have their own private hot tubs and sun terraces. Plus, RockStar Quarters unlock exclusive perks like priority boarding, 24/7 RockStar agent service, and a complimentary in-room bar.

No Detail Overlooked: Virgin Voyages goes the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Expect plush bathrobes and slippers, premium bath amenities, and ample outlets for all your devices. Many cabins also feature mood lighting to set the perfect ambiance, and some even have hidden nooks for a bit of privacy.

Whether you crave a cozy haven or a luxurious retreat, Virgin Voyages has a cabin designed to make your voyage unforgettable.

Forget the mass-produced buffets and generic menus of the past. Virgin Voyages sets sail on a culinary adventure for the discerning palate. Here’s what awaits you onboard:

Global Gastronomy: Ditch the monotony and embark on a world tour of flavors. Virgin Voyages boasts a diverse array of restaurants, each helmed by a celebrated chef and serving up a distinct cuisine. From succulent steaks at a modern American grill to delectable tacos at a trendy Mexican joint, your taste buds will thank you.

Michelin Flair, Casual Vibe: Virgin Voyages has partnered with world-renowned chefs who’ve brought their culinary expertise onboard, but in a refreshingly unpretentious way. Expect innovative dishes crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients, all presented beautifully without the stuffy atmosphere of fine dining.

Something for Every Foodie: Dietary restrictions and preferences are no problem. Virgin Voyages offers a wide range of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options across their restaurants. They also cater to adventurous eaters with unique takes on classic dishes, alongside comfort food favorites for those seeking a taste of home.

The Galley: Your Casual Eats Haven: Need a quick bite or a late-night snack? The Galley is your one-stop shop for casual fare. Think of it as an upscale food market with a variety of stations serving everything from gourmet pizzas and sizzling Asian stir-fries to fresh salads and decadent desserts.

24/7 Room Service: Feeling peckish at 3 am after a night of dancing? No problem. Virgin Voyages offers convenient in-cabin dining where you can order from a special menu designed for late-night cravings.

Food With a View: Many restaurants offer stunning ocean vistas, making every meal a scenic delight. Imagine digging into fresh seafood while the sun dips below the horizon, or enjoying a leisurely breakfast overlooking the turquoise waters.

A Feast for the Senses: Virgin Voyages understands that dining is an experience that goes beyond just the food. Expect stylish interiors, attentive service, and thoughtfully curated playlists that set the mood for each culinary adventure.

Escape sticker shock! Unlike some other cruise lines, Virgin Voyages prides itself on a truly all-inclusive experience. Here’s what that means for you:

No Hidden Fees, Just Unforgettable Experiences: The price you see is the price you pay. Virgin Voyages includes many things that typically come with extra charges on other cruises, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about surprise bills.

Dining Done Right: All meals, from casual bites at The Galley to delectable creations by Michelin-starred chefs, are already covered in your fare. Savor the freedom to explore the diverse culinary scene onboard without racking up additional costs.

Beverages Included: Quench your thirst with a variety of drinks, including basic coffees, teas, juices, sodas, and even bottled water. Select wines, beers, and cocktails are also included, so you can raise a toast without worrying about the tab.

Gratuities Taken Care Of: The customary gratuities for all onboard service staff are conveniently included in your cruise fare. This eliminates the hassle of tipping and ensures the crew receives fair compensation.

Fitness and Entertainment Unlocked: Group fitness classes like spin sessions or yoga on the deck are all part of the package. Plus, all the exciting onboard entertainment, from electrifying live shows to themed nights, is yours to experience freely.

Peace of Mind From the Start: Knowing that most things are covered upfront allows you to budget effectively and truly unwind on your voyage. The focus is on creating memories, not worrying about hidden costs.

Of course, there will always be a few extras. Specialty coffees, premium wines and spirits, minibar items, and certain shore excursions are not included in the base fare. However, Virgin Voyages is transparent about these options, so you can choose to indulge without any surprises.

With Virgin Voyages, you can set sail with confidence, knowing that the upfront cost truly reflects the all-inclusive experience that awaits.
A happy couple enjoys the spa on The Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages doesn’t just whisk you away on any old cruise route, they cater to the adventurous adult with a taste for sun-drenched escapes and culturally rich explorations. Here’s a glimpse of the exciting destinations they set sail for:

Basking in the Caribbean Bliss: Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters and vibrant energy of the Caribbean. Virgin Voyages offers itineraries departing from Miami and San Juan, taking you to paradise destinations like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Think white-sand beaches, turquoise waters perfect for snorkeling, and lively port towns to explore.

European Escapades: Set sail for the historic charm and captivating cultures of Europe. Virgin Voyages offers voyages from chic Barcelona, Athens (Piraeus), and even Portsmouth in the UK. Explore the ancient wonders of Greece, wander the vibrant streets of Barcelona, or discover the hidden gems of Portugal and Croatia.

Beyond the Horizon: For the truly adventurous, Virgin Voyages offers exciting transatlantic crossings and other unique itineraries. Imagine embarking on a journey that bridges continents, or setting sail for destinations that fall outside the usual cruise routes.

No matter your travel style, Virgin Voyages has an itinerary to ignite your wanderlust.

Ready to trade the ordinary for extraordinary? Set sail with Virgin Voyages and experience a world of adult-only luxury, unforgettable adventures, and a voyage that ignites your soul.

So, are you ready to ditch the ordinary and set sail on an unforgettable voyage? With Virgin Voyages, the world is your oyster (or should we say, lobster?) Explore their destinations, pick your perfect adventure, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime! This is your chance to break free and reconnect with yourself or your partner in a luxurious, grown-up atmosphere. No hidden fees, just all-inclusive indulgence – delectable cuisine by world-renowned chefs, exhilarating entertainment, state-of-the-art fitness experiences, and serene wellness options.

Come with us on a group trip or book your own adventure today!
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