Bianca’s Travel Must-Haves: Airplane Edition

Matt and I travel a lot! Through trial and error, I have found a few things that make flying a bit easier and less stressful for me. I am usually stressed out until I get through security. Once I pass through and know where my gate is, I’m instantly relaxed! Check out my travel essentials and see if any of them will help to make your next plane ride a breeze! These are Bianca’s Travel Must-Haves: Airplane Edition.


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Before we talk about what you will want to pack, you will need a good carry-on bag. I go back and forth on what I prefer depending on the flight. We often take a red-eye and when we do, I like to wear my comfy clothes on the plane and bring a change of clothes for when we get to our destination. Often we fly from Seattle to Florida or even Jamaica and this girl is going to need to be in a cute sundress at my destination. Oh, and a change of shoes! If I am bringing a change of clothes & shoes, I will take a larger zippered bag like this one:

I love that it zips closed so nothing will fall out if it tips over. It also has a zippered section on the bottom for shoes or items I will not need during the flight. It even has a strap on the back so I can attach it to my roller bag.

I am someone who really loves an organized bag, I need to easily be able to find what I am looking for. I always keep my bag at my feet because I tell Matt, it is full of my treasures and I might need it!


These are some of the essentials I keep in my carry-on:


Cord Organizer

This is a must-have for anyone who travels with electronic devices. It helps to keep my cords organized and is easily found in my bag. If you’re like me, as soon as you sit, you pull out what treasures you will need and get yourself situated. I like to have my phone charger at the ready so I can plug in my phone and keep it charging during my flight. I don’t carry a lot of tech and most of what I use has the same cords. So I prefer to carry a smaller case, like this one.

Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated when I’m flying, especially if I’m on a long flight. I bring my own water bottle to save money and avoid having to get up and down to get water from the flight attendant. I like this one because it is lightweight and collapses when it is empty for easy storage. It also has a carabiner attached to it so I can clip it to the outside of my bag.


Compression Socks

Compression socks can help to improve circulation and reduce swelling in my legs and feet. This is especially important if I’m flying on a long flight. These absolutely work for me. I do notice that my feet aren’t swollen when we land!


Contact Lens Case

I wear contact lenses, and it’s important not to forget a contact lens case and solution. The air on airplanes can be dry, which can make my contact lenses uncomfortable. If I am taking a red-eye, I like to remove my contacts so that my eyes have a chance to rest. I like this case because everything is contained in one place. I am not searching for the solution and the tiny case throughout my bag. I also like that this case has a mirror so that I don’t have to go into the airplane bathroom to put them back in!



I’m always cold on airplanes. I love how this blanket folds up into a pillow and even has two different attachments to secure it to my luggage. This blanket is also really soft and cozy!


Eye Mask with Bluetooth

If I am going to try to sleep on the plane, this is a perfect companion for me! This eye mask blocks out all light and is comfortable on the eyes. It also has bluetooth speakers near my ears so I can listen to music or white noise to help me sleep. The amazing thing about having the speakers built into the mask is that I don’t have to worry about losing my tiny bluetooth earbuds while I slumber!


Food Container for Food/Snacks

Airline food can be expensive and not always the best quality. I like to pack my own meal, that way I know I will like it! Packing my food also saves time and money. This is especially helpful if you have any dietary restrictions. I like these ones because they seal really well and they also collapse when empty making them easy to store in my luggage.


Wipes for Tray Table

Airplane tray tables are notorious for being dirty. I bring wipes to clean my tray table before I eat or use it for my laptop or tablet. I like to bring these ones because they are individually wrapped. That way they won’t dry out like what tends to happen in a package with 30 wipes that pop up out of the package. This is also a lighter option than a big pack of 30. I just toss a couple in my carry on bag!

Wireless Audio Transmitter

I can keep my earbuds in and watch in-flight entertainment with this Wireless Audio Transmitter. When I use this transmitter, I don’t have to bring a set of corded ear phones to be able to watch in-flight entertainment. These hold a charge for 25+ hours so I won’t run out of battery life while in flight!


Facial Spray

The air on airplanes can be very dry, so it’s a good idea to bring a facial spray to keep my face hydrated. I can also use it to cool down if I get too hot. I keep one in my travel purse when we go to a warm destination. A spritz when I’m feeling really hot can be so refreshing!

Passport holder

I like to keep my passport in this holder because it is easy to find in my bag. It also has card slots (I use them to store the receipts for my luggage, in case my bags are lost). It also comes with a small pen which is helpful in filling out international travel documents.

Phone Holder Mount

This is a must have item for me! I can mount my phone to the seat in front of me and enjoy movies hands free! I’ve even had flight attendants comment on how great this item is. I can attach it to anything, including my luggage if I have a long layover and don’t want to hold my phone.


Bonus items I like to keep in my bag:

Pen & Paper
Reading glasses (a few pairs just in case of loss or breakage!)

These items may not be essential, but they can be helpful to have on hand during my flight. For example, I can use the pen and paper to write down my thoughts or take notes. If I am traveling internationally, I may have some paperwork to fill out on the plane so having a pen will be handy! The Kindle is great for reading on the plane, and the reading glasses can help me see my Kindle screen or other reading materials more clearly.

I hope this list helps you pack for your next flight and I hope to see you on an amazing Spicy Vacation soon!

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